Focusing on our Partners

Focus 5 work with local and tech sector organisations to build strong relationships and help others in the sector.

Partners Focus 5 work with include:


Techcelerate works with companies in the tech sector to drive growth, including helping them with product development, customer acquisition, strategy, positioning, fundraising and M&A backed by know-how, data, tools and insights.


Furloughed Life

Furloughed Life was set up at the start of the Coronavirus pandemic in March 2020, and provided opportunities for furloughed professionals to volunteer expertise and support to tech start ups.

Working closely with both the furlough professionals and tech start ups, Focus 5 helped both candidates and start ups through a mentally challenging time.

Wilmslow High School

One of the UK’s largest state schools, Wilmslow High School equips more than 300 school leavers every year with the skills needed to go onto further and higher education, and into the workplace.

Focus 5 are part of the local business community who help with workplace readiness, foe example by participating in interview practice events.