Candidate FAQs

As a recruiter, we’ll be able to give you additional insight into the role we’re looking to fill.

This may include:

Can you help me with my CV?

Absolutely! We’ll help ensure your CV reflects your skills and experience, particularly in the areas that are most important for the role you’re interested in.

What does the ideal candidate look like?

Successful hires depend on lots of different things. Skills and experience are important, but it’s also important to know what the company culture is like, and who will be a good fit.

How quickly is the company looking to fill this position?

Hiring processes can sometimes seem very slow, as there’ll be lots going on behind the scene. On the other hand, they may need someone urgently. It’s important that these timescales suit your own requirements, particularly if you’re tied to a long notice period.

What will the interview be like?

From online chats to in person panels, interviews come in all shapes and sizes. Interview nerves are normal, so we’ll make sure you know what to expect on the day.

Is this a new role, or is it to replace someone who’s leaving, or moving on within the company?

You may be more comfortable stepping into an existing role, or taking on the challenge of a brand new role, and it’s useful to know some background to the role at the interview stage.

What’s the scope for growth in the company?

You may be looking for a well-defined career path within an organisation, and discovering more about the company’s training, and promotion potential may be key.